Monday, May 15, 2017

Journeying Together: Byron Metcalf and "Clan Travelers"

Today's random tune is called Clan Travelers and is performed by Byron Metcalf, an award winning musician (percussion), recording artist, shamanic practitioner and ceremonial leader. He has played as a musician on a number of albums, including Kenny Rogers' The Gambler, in top concert venues and on television. Since 1988 he has focused his music on the healing arts, and he has combined his musical gifts with a career as a transpersonal guide and educator, shamanic practitioner and researcher. He has a PhD in transpersonal psychology, as well as a master’s degree in counseling psychology. He is also a certified graduate of Grof Transpersonal Training and Eupsychia Institute’s Psycho-Spiritual Integration programs. Clan Travelers can be found on his 2001 album Not Without Risk, and on the 2006 compilation album Nataraja.