Saturday, May 20, 2017

Beautiful Day: Erkan Oğur and İsmail Hakkı Demircioğlu with "Bugün Ben Bir Güzel Gördüm"

Erkan Oğur, along with İsmail Hakkı Demircioğlu, brings the random tune for today, called Bugün Ben Bir Güzel Gördüm. From Turkey, Erkan Oğur is a pioneer of fretless guitars, and invented the first fretless classical guitar. As a composer, he combines the ancient traditional sounds of Turkey with Turkish folk and classical music. He is also considered a master of the kopuz and bağlama lutes. İsmail Hakkı Demircioğlu is a Turkish bass player who has made many albums and has worked a lot with Erkan Oğur. You can find Bugün Ben Bir Güzel Gördüm on their 1998 album Gülün Kokusu Vardi.