Friday, May 5, 2017

Benin Party: Laurent Hounsavi and "Mindé Sè"

Mindé Sè is the name of our random tune today, performed by Laurent Hounsavi and his band. Hounsavi is from Benin - so if you are confused by the music which sounds Caribbean you are allowed to be. After winning an award for best young talent in Benin at 15, he moved to Paris at age 17 where he performed in the Metro, cafes and bars while he earned a degree. He released his first CD, a four song EP, in 2000 and later that year drew 50,000 at a concert in Benin. Hounsavi is an African salsa musician who sings in all three Beninese languages (Fon, Yoruba and Goun) and his songs have been marketed in over 100 countries. He has also shared the stage with many other famous African, Afro-Cuban and salsa musicians. You can find Mindé Sè featured on the Putumayo compilation World Party, released in 2007.