Monday, May 8, 2017

I Never Meet Mine: Trevor Gordon Hall and "New Year's Resolution"

A little out of context, but every day could be the start of a New Year, right? Today's random song is called New Year's Resolution and is played by guitar virtuoso Trevor Gordon Hall. From Philadelphia, Hall has been rated one of the top 30 guitarists under 30 by Acoustic Magazine and is known for using almost all parts of the instrument in his compositions which range from edgy, driving rhythms to soft melodic phrases. He is the creator of the Kalimbatar, a unique combination of guitar and the African finger piano known as the kalimba. Hall has earned the respect of such musicians as Graham Nash, Dar Williams and Will Ackerman. He also always experiments, and some of his latest offerings include electric guitar and electronica. New Year's Resolution can be found on his 2008 CD Finding My Way.