Sunday, May 31, 2015

Road Trip: Eastenders featuring Shady Sheha and "On the Ride"

Our random tune for this morning is by Eastenders featuring Shady Sheha. Eastenders, a collaborative multicultural music project, is led by German DJ Stefan Mueller (aka DJ Eastenders) and Turkish producer and musician Cem Buldak (aka Afrit). They create an exotic blend of European club with oriental flavors inspired by music of the Middle East, Turkey, Eastern European gypsies and India - and using Eastern instrumentation. Shady Sheha is a young Egyptian musician living in Germany who was a contestant on the talent show Germany's Looking for a Superstar. This song, On the Ride, is about forging your own road, staying on it, and making sure you always keep moving. It can be found on the Eastenders 2004 CD Along the Path and on the compilation CD Putumayo Presents: North African Groove (2005).

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Night Steed: Gjallarhorn and "Rimfaxe"

The random tune for today is from Gjallarhorn. Gjallarhorn was formed in 1994 in a Swedish-speaking portion of Finland and performs world music based in the folk music and traditions of that region. As such, their music tends to be Swedish in nature, but based in acoustic folk music unique to Ostrobothnian area. Gjallorhorn is also known for their use of the hardanger fiddle, an 8 or nine string violin (as compared to four strings on a standard violin), and lead singer Jenny Wilhelm's singing technique called kulning, a technique based on Scandinavian cattle herding calls consisting of high pitched wordless tones designed to be heard over long distances. The band's name derives from the name of the horn of the Norse god Heimdallr, who blows the horn signaling the last battle of the Norse gods. This song, Rimfaxe, is the title song of their 2006 CD, and is about the Norse god of night's horse and the coming of night.

Friday, May 29, 2015

A Chip Off the Old Bloco: Ara Ketu and "Tapete Negro"

We have a little bit of a Carnival atmosphere today with the random song - Tapete Negro by Ara Ketu. Ara Ketu are a band founded in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. They were founded in 1980 and are derived from the Carnival "bloco" of the same name and became popular in Europe before reaching popularity in Brazil. They present a percussive heavy Afro-Bahian dance groove with vocals by lead singer Tatau. Tatau left to form his own band, giving way to vocalist Larissa Luz until 2012 when Tatau returned to the band. Ara Ketu has been praised by artists such as David Byrne and Quincy Jones. Tapete Negro can be found on the Putumayo compilation CD Carnival (2001).

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Constructing Turkey: Can Atilla and "Rumeli Hisarinin Yapilişi"

The random song for today is from Turkish composer Can Atilla, who is most noted for composing the official music for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish parliament. Rumeli Hisarinin Yapilişi (The Building of Rumelian Castle) can be found on the compilation CD Pera Lounge (2011).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beautiful Losing: Deolinda and "Um Contra o Outro"

Portuguese band Deolinda brings us our random tune for today. Deolinda formed in 2006 when the brothers Pedro da Silva Martins and Luis José Martins asked their cousin Ana Bacalhau to sing on a few songs they had written. Realizing that her voice fit perfectly with their songs, they began Deolinda and rounded out the band with her husband José Pedro Leitã. Their first album, Canção Ao Lado (2008), reached number 3 on the Portuguese charts, and their followup album, Dois Selos e Um Carimbo (2010), hit number 1. During this period, the band performed a song called Parva que Sous at their concerts which was a social criticism of Portugal and the lack of opportunities for young people. Most of Europe was going through a financial crisis, and youth unemployment was enormous, especially in poorer EU countries. The song became an anthem among economically affected youth in Portugal and went viral on social media, with bootleg copies of concert performances shared in great numbers. Deolinda released their third album, Mundo Pequenino, in 2013.

The band's style is inspired by fado, but they have made numerous departures from the form. While traditional fado utilizes Portuguese guitar, the band does not. Deolinda's songs are often contain social criticism, and can be lively, upbeat, ironic and humorous which does not fit the usual melancholy style of fado either. Fado performers often dress in black when performing, but Deolinda does not follow this tradition either. Their music has thus been described as "neofado. This song, Um Contra O Outro, is from their 2010 release Dois Selos e Um Carimbo. The video is the official video for the song, which is a lover exhorting her partner to learn how to lose in order to win her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mailing It In: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys with "The Corner Post"

We go back to Cajun Louisiana for today's random tune, The Corner Post by Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. Founded in 1988, the band takes its inspiration from Cajun traditional legends Dewey Balfa, Belton Richard and Walter Mouton. However, the music of Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys has grown into a style that is distinctly Cajun but also unique and personal. They sing almost exclusively in Cajun French. They have been nominated twice for Grammys in the Best Traditional Folk Album category, and in 2013 Steve Riley took home a Grammy as part of The Band Courtbouillon, a Cajun jam band featuring Riley, Wayne Toups and Wilson Savoy. Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys have released 11 albums to date as well as one compilation album. The Corner Post can be found on The Best of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys (2008).

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Lover Back Home: Jamal Porto and "Gamar Badawi"

Today's song is by an Sudanese artist named Jamal Porto, who lived at an Egyptian inn in the Sinai called RAS. At RAS, musicians have gathered for over twenty years to meet and play, and the family that owns the inn built a recording studio. In 2005, they sent out a call to musicians from all over the world, and forty artists from ten nations responded. They played and recorded music, which resulted in a CD called The RAS Project: A Musical Journey in Sinai. This song, Gamar Badawi, is from that album and is also on the 2008 Putumayo compilation Acoustic Arabia, and is a song of longing for a beloved back in Sudan.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

At the Dawning of the Day: The Chieftains with Joan Osborne and "Raglan Road"

Raglan Road, by The Chieftains with Joan Osborne, is the random tune of the day. The Chieftains are an Irish ensemble who introduced the wider world to Irish music. The Chieftains were formed in Dublin in 1962 and played their music primarily around the distinctive sound of uileann pipes. They took their name from the title of a novel by Irish author John Montague. Besides releasing several critically acclaimed albums, they are just as well known for their collaborations with such artists as Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Sinead O'Connor and Roger Daltry. They have released 44 albums. Joan Osborne is a multi-genre American singer and songwriter known for her 90s hit One of Us. However, her repertoire includes pop, soul, R&B, blues and country. She is currently a member of the rock band Trigger Hippy. Raglan Road can be found on the 1999 album Tears of Stone, and on the 2001 compilation KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 9. The poignant lyrics are of a love lost.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hail of Bullets: DeVotchKa and "The Enemy Guns"

Today's random tune is by an American band based in Denver called DeVotchKa. A four piece ensemble, their name is derived from the Russian word for "girl." Their instrumentation, besides guitar, drums and bass can include theremin, bouzouki, accordion and sousaphone. DeVotchKa started as a backing band for burlesque shows, and in particular traveled with and backed noted burlesque performer Dita von Teese. During this time they were also self-releasing records and touring in support of them which earned them an underground following. The band was eventually picked by the directors of Little Miss Sunshine to score the film which earned them a Grammy nomination for best soundtrack. The band, while essentially a rock ensemble, incorporates a gypsy punk feel into many of its songs. This song, The Enemy Guns, is on their 2004 CD How It Ends. The video is a performance they did for KEXP in New York City.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Love, True Love: The Mediaeval Baebes and "E Volentieri"

Hello, and welcome to today's random tune, E Volentieri by the Mediaeval Baebes. The Mediaeval Baebes began in 1996 when a group of friends led by Katherine Blake of Miranda Sex Garden broke into a North London cemetery and sang a capella in flowing white robes and leaf garlands. They soon became an ensemble, and their first album, Salva Nos, shot to number two on the classical charts. It didn't hurt that they were all beautiful and very talented. The group has since had many incarnations. They sing in an array of obscure and ancient languages, and have placed three albums in the top ten of the classical charts and participated in the BBC's television series The Virgin Queen. E Volentieri is from their 2000 CD Undrentide, and tells the happiness of a woman who has found her true love.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Back to School: Aziz Sahmaoui and University of Gnawa with "Salabati"

Aziz Sahmaoui and University of Gnawa bring us the tunes today. Sahmaoui is a Moroccan born singer and multi-instrumentalist in the Gnawa tradition. Born in Marrakech, he was steeped in the traditional musics of the many different tribes of Morocco. After studying literature, he moved to France where he became a founding member of the group World and the Orchestre National de Barbès which fused Maghreb rhythms with jazz. In 2010, he began performing with his new band, University of Gnawa. This song, Salabati, can be found on the 2012 album Aziz Sahmaoui and the University of Gnawa.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Northern Lights: Paolo Conte and "Nord"

The random tune for today is by Paolo Conte. Conte was born in Asti in the Piedmont region of Italy, and he began his music career as a vibraphone player traveling in local and touring bands. He started writing songs early on in his career with his brother Giorgio but eventually began writing on his own. His star rose in the 60s and 70s as he was the main creative songwriter behind hits of other well-known Italian artists. His solo career commenced in 1974. His songs are known for being evocative of colorful and dreamy Italian and Mediterranean sounds. His music is often jazzy, reminiscent of South America and French singers, and filled with a wistful melancholy. His music has also been used in many movies. This song, Nord, is on his 2003 album Reveries. The song is, like the album title suggests, a reverie set in a restaurant and dreaming of the north.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hurry Up!: Buckwheat Zydeco and "Time is Tight"

The random tune for today is brought to us by Buckwheat Zydeco. Time is Tight is off of his 1989 album On a Night Like This. Buckwheat Zydeco is the stage name of Stanley Dural, Jr. He got the name "Buckwheat" from his childhood resemblance to a character on the Our Gang film shorts. Dural's father was an accomplished Creole accordionist, but Dural preferred rhythm and blues, and actually started out backing artists such as Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and Joe Tex. He started his own funk band in the early 70s with some success, but then began backing zydeco legend Clifton Chenier as an organist and discovered the popularity of zydeco. His relationship to Chenier led him to take up the accordion, and after a year he felt confident enough to start Buckwheat Zydeco in 1978. Buckwheat Zydeco has opened for and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, and it is one of the few zydeco bands to achieve mainstream success.

Monday, May 18, 2015

In Communion: Damien Rice and "Under the Tongue"

Damien Rice brings us the random tune for today. An Irish singer-songwriter, Rice plays piano, guitar, percussion and clarinet. Originally a member of the rock group Juniper, he left the band and worked as a farmer in Tuscany and busked around Europe before returning to Ireland and starting a solo music career in 2001. He has since released three studio albums and has made musical contributions to charitable causes. This song, Under the Tongue, can be found on the compilation album Music of Ireland: Welcome Home released by Readers Digest in 2010.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Light from Darkness: Amadou & Mariam with "La Fête Au Village"

The random tune for today is by blind Malian duo Amadou & Mariam. Vocalist Mariam Doumbia lost her sight at age 5 due to untreated measles, while guitarist and vocalist Amadou Bagayoko lost his sight at age 15. They met at Mali's Institute for the Young Blind, and discovered that they had similar interests in music. Their music has developed from early sparse recordings consisting of guitar and vocals to a mix of traditional Malian sounds combined with rock guitars, Syrian violins, Cuban trumpets, Egyptian ney, Indian tablas and Dogon percussion. This style has been dubbed "Afro-blues." This song, La Fête Au Village, appears on their 2005 CD Dimanche à Bamako (Sunday in Bamako), which was produced by world and Latin music star Manu Chao.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

And Not a Drop to Drink: Cirque du Soleil and "Désert"

The random tune for today comes from a surprising place - Cirque du Soleil. Désert, along with the entire soundtrack of Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas (Bellagio Hotel) water and stage show O, was composed by Canadian Benoit Jutras. Jutras' eclectic music combines worldbeat, classical, rock, trip hop and electronica, and the score of O is no exception, with instrumentation that includes classical Western, erhu (Chinese violin), bagpipes, African guitar, African kora (harp), Colombian guitar, cello, ancient woodwinds and a wide variety of percussion instruments. Désert can be found on the soundtrack for O, released in 1998.

Friday, May 15, 2015

It Must be Beautiful: Mehmet Cemal Yeşilçay and "Morning In Ortaköy"

Today's random tune has a Turkish smooth jazz feel. Morning In Ortaköy is performed by Mehmet Cemal Yeşilçay. Yeşilçay is a Turkish oud player and composer who was a co-founder, along with psaltery player Mehmet İhsan Özer, of the Pera Ensemble of Istanbul. He has performed more than 200 concerts worldwide. The name Ortaköy refers to a neighborhood in Istanbul on the European side of the city known for its cosmopolitan flavor. Morning In Ortaköy can be found on the 2010 compilation album Pera Lounge.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Micky D's, Anyone?: Pigor and Eichhorn with "Junk Junk Junk Food"

The random tune for today may or may not make you hungry. Junk Junk Junk Food is by German duo Thomas Pigor and Benedikt Eichhorn, a cabaret and chanson act from Berlin, who became known throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland through their "salon hip-hop." This style of music is described as a modern form of chanson with satirical lyrics. Junk Junk Junk Food can be found on the 2011 album Mit Pigor Durch Das Jahr.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Getting Savage: Patsy Torres with "Amor Salvaje" and "Chiquitita"

San Antonio Tejano artist Patsy Torres provides our random tune for the day with Amor Salvaje (Savage Love), (and the video gives you a bonus track, Chiquitita!). Patsy Torres started performing and singing at a young age and was discovered while still in high school. She saw music as a way to finance her college studies. She recorded her first album while in college. Her website claims that she was the first Tejano artist to film a music video, and the first to play Tejano music on a nationwide television broadcast. She continues to play music, but she also recently earned a PhD in educational and organizational leadership and is active in many San Antonio organizations, as well as promoting her Postive Force Tour concerts for young people. She has been inducted into the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame. Amor Salvaje and Chiquitita can be found on her 1997 album ...Bien Protegida.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tolerance: Youssou N'Dour and "Touba - Daru Salaam"

Today's random tune is by a legendary African musician. Youssou N'Dour is a singer, songwriter, composer, percussionist, actor and politician, and one of the most visible personas of Senegal. Born in a griot family, he didn't take the traditional griot path but he is considered a modern griot anyway. He was the driving force behind the popular Senegalese music called mbalax. He came to world notice thanks to his collaborations with Western musicians like Peter Gabriel, but his music stands on its own. This song, Touba - Daru Salaam, is from his 2004 CD Egypt. The album combines West and North African music, as well as instrumentation in its use of the West African kora and the Arab oud. It promotes the tolerance of Senegalese Islam, and garnered a Grammy award for N'Dour.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Tears: Oumar Konaté and "Addoh"

For today's random tune, we have Oumar Konaté from Mali and his song Addoh. Konaté started music at an early age, astounding his hometown of Gao with nightly performances on an old bucket, helmet and drum outside his family's home. He joined the Orchestra of Gao while in high school and accompanied them on their national tour. While in the Orchestra, he was introduced to guitar. He went on to enroll in the National Institute of Arts in Bamako and recorded his first album there which brought him to the attention of many artists such as Vieux Farka Touré, Sidi Touré and Khaira Arby. He has performed in numerous festivals worldwide, and has received accolades worldwide for his music. Addoh is a song about the tears a young girl sheds when she is forced to marry someone she does not love, and can be found on his 2014 CD of the same name. I'm proud to present this video that I shot of his performance at Globalquerque 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The First Lady: Moya Brennan and "Theme from Harry's Game"

Moya Brennan, singer of today's random tune, is an Irish folksinger, songwriter and harpist. Often called the "First Lady of Celtic Music," she was a founding member of the band Clannad along with her family. She released her first solo album in 1992, and continued a successful solo career when Clannad when on hiatus in 1996, and has recorded 25 solo albums. She and Clannad are credited with developing contemporary Celtic music. She is the eldest of nine children in a musical family that also includes her sister Eithne Brennan (better known as Enya). She also became a committed Christian and philanthropist after examining a dark period in her life marked by drugs, alcohol and an abortion. This song, Theme from Harry's Game, is from a 1982 British television miniseries about a British soldier sent undercover to Northern Ireland to capture an IRA gunman. It can be found on her 2011 live album Heart Strings, and the original version performed by Clannad is on their 1983 album Magical Ring. This video is from a live performance Brennan made at the University of Limerick.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rockin' Pakistan: Zeb and Haniya with "Chup"

The random tune for your Saturday comes from Pakistani female duo Zeb and Haniya. Zebunnisa Bangash and Haniya Aslam are cousins who began writing music together when studying at Smith College and Mt. Holyoke College in the US. Zeb began singing at age 8 and studied under Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan. Haniya is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. They began crafting music in the basement of Zeb's dorm between 2000 and 2003 with a rough version of today's song, Chup. After an enthusiastic response from their college community, they recorded a version of Chup and another song titled Yaad. The songs spread on the internet and made it to Pakistan's radio airwaves. They released their debut album Chup! in 2008 and following the album's success began to do live performances. Zeb and Haniya have been hailed as one of the first, if not the first, all female band in Pakistan. They sing mostly in Urdu, and their songs, though often with a pop feel, draw on Pashto and Dari folk traditions and the music of artists such as Suzanne Vega, Turkish artist Barış Manço and Muddy Waters. Chup is from their album Chup! (2010). This version is from their Coke Studio Sessions live show in Pakistan.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Aboriginal Spirit: Yothu Yindi and "Ghost Spirits"

Our random tune for today is from the land down under. Yothu Yindi is an Australian band made up of aboriginal and non-aboriginal members formed in 1986. Their name means "child and mother" in Yolngu, the language of the Yolngu tribe of which the aboriginal members of Yothu Yindi belong. The band uses aspects of both Yolngu and non-aboriginal musical cultures, playing songs that vary from traditional aboriginal tunes to modern pop and rock, and they also blend modern and traditional instrumentation. They also incorporate traditional dance in their stage show. Through their music they have attempted to promote mutual respect and understanding, and they helped establish a foundation to promote Yolngu cultural development. The band's later years has been marked by tragedy - their lead singer died in 2013 of renal failure. This song, Ghost Spirits, can be found on their 2011 CD Garma.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Songs of Work: Christine Salem and "Gouloum"

The random song for today is Gouloum by Christine Salem. Salem is from the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, a French territory about 120 miles southeast of Mauritius. Her music centers around "maloya," the traditional music made up of work songs and chants of the former African slaves of the island. These songs are percussion driven and of the call and response type and are often used to induce a trance where one communes with their ancestors in a musical gathering called "servis kabaré". The music was illegal on the island until 1981, as it was considered by the Catholic Church to be "devil's music" and by the authorities as a political threat. In fact, a woman singing this type of music upset some of the older generation, because it was also generally seen as "men's music." Salem came upon the music while attending a servis kabaré, and she became hooked. She has received international acclaim for this music, and has performed at WOMAD. Gouloum can be found on her 2013 CD Salem Tradition.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Party Time: Wyclef Jean and "Fistibal - Festival"

Today's random tune is by multiple Grammy-winning Haitian artist Wyclef Jean. Wyclef Jean first came to fame in the US music business, but this hip hop artist, actor, and politician is also a humanitarian who has established a foundation to aid his native country. Born in Haiti, he moved with his family to New Jersey in 1982. A founding member of The Fugees (their name was a reference to Haitian refugees), he rose to prominence with the rest of the band as they released highly successful albums in the 1990s. In the late 1990s, he embarked on a solo career and collaborated with other artists such as Youssou N'Dour, Earth Wind and Fire and Shakira. His foundation, Yéle Haiti, has aided in the aftermath of Hurricane Jeanne and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Additionally, in 2010 he made a bid to run for president of Haiti, but his candidacy was turned down by the Electoral Council because he did not meet minimum residency requirements. He has released 11 solo albums, with his latest, Clefication, just out this year. This tune, Fistibal - Festival is from his 2004 album Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our latest Global Music Show can be heard on KUNM's Two Week Archive

Our global music show from Monday, 5/4/15 is on KUNM's two week archive ( if you want some nice musical accompaniment to your working Tuesday. We intersperse songs about work (in honor of May Day) with some of the newest global and world releases. Just after 10:30, I think, Megan has a nice tribute to her recently deceased Dad. A good show overall! Just enter Monday, 5/4 at 10 pm and let it play! (Due to our spacing off, there is a dead air gap of about 15 seconds somewhere in the program as Megan announced a song by King Sunny Ade, and forgot to put the CD into the player).

Wait for It: Bob Marley and the Wailers with "Waiting in Vain"

Today's random tune is by the legendary Bob Marley and the Wailers, a reggae and ska band that was formed by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer in 1963. Many of the band's early songs were recorded with the aid of Lee "Scratch" Perry and his studio band The Upsetters. Bob Marley and the Wailers were known for recording some of the most notable reggae songs in history. Tosh and Wailer left the band in 1974, leading to a revamped Wailers lineup, and Marley died in 1981 of malignant melanoma. This song, Waiting In Vain, is from the 1977 groundbreaking album Exodus, which redefined reggae music and was named by Time Magazine in 1999 as one of the three best albums of the 20th century.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Feeling Crabby?: Pomai and Loeka with "Come A'ama Crab"

Today's song, Come A'ama Crab, is by Pomai & Loeka, a duo from Hawaii that is really more than just a duo but a whole family affair. Pomai Longakit writes on her website that her first musical experiences were watching her father and mother. Hawaiian Airlines salespeople, perform onstage. Pomai taught herself ukulele, learned to write her own songs, and entered singing competitions as a child, recording her first song at age 12. She formed Pomai and Loeka with her brother in 1997 and began winning Hawaiian music competitions. In 1999 they recorded their first album, and then followed up with their album Dancing All Night which produced a few Hawaiian hits, all written by their father Lloyd Longakit. In 2000, they were discovered by a German producer and spent time in Cologne, Germany performing at festivals and appearing on television shows. Come A'ama Crab can be found on their 1999 CD Dancing All Night, and on the 2000 Hawaiian music compilation CD Island Roots.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Reclaiming Madagascar: Razia and "Babonao"

Today's random tune is by Razia, which is the performing name of Razia Said. Razia gets influence for her music from Fela Kuti and Papa Wemba and incorporates R&B and jazz. Originally from Madagascar, she has lived in many places, including France, Italy, Bali and New York City. This song, Babonao, is from her 2010 album Zebu Nation. The album was the result of many trips back to Madagascar and meetings with the country's most prominent band, Njava. They inspired her to write songs in Malagasay, and the album is focused on preservation and conservation Madagascar's environment.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

You've Got a Friend in Xesus: The Battlefield Band and "Snow on the Hills/Xesus and Felisa"

Our random tune for the day is by The Battlefield Band, which is a Scottish traditional music group founded in 1969. They are noted for the mix of bagpipes with other instruments, and their renditions of traditional songs and new material. While the band has gone through several lineups, their formula remains the same - bagpipes, electric keyboards (unusual for a traditional band) and no percussion (again, unusual). They have released 31 albums and have been nominated for many awards. This song, Snow on the Hills/Xesus and Felisa, can be found on their 1997 live performance CD Across the Borders.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Seeking the Heavenly: Richard Souther with Hildegard von Bingen's "Divine Love (Karitas Habundat)"

Today's random tune is by Richard Souther reinterpreting the work of Hildegard von Bingen. Richard Souther is a composer, producer, arranger, sound designer and multi-keyboardist working in the areas of New Age, smooth jazz and contemporary Christian music. A child prodigy who studied piano from the age of three, he eventuall became an in-demand session musician until his career was almost derailed by a near-fatal bout of botulism. During his four year recovery, he began to delve into electronic music. In 1994, he recorded his groundbreaking album Vision: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen with vocalists Emily van Evera and Sr. Germaine Fritz, OSB. Von Bingen was a German 12th century writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess, visionary, and polymath who created one of the largest repertoires of any mediaeval composer and who stretched the boundaries of traditional monastic chant. Her music frequently had themes centering around the Virgin Mary, the heavenly in earthly life, and a desire to know the divine. This song, Divine Love (Karias Habundat), can be found on Souther's 1994 album Vision: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen.