Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One Druid Motion: The Bards of FoDLA and "Manannan Mac y Lir (Manannan, Son of the Sea)"

The Bards of FoDLA bring us the random tune for today called Manannan Mac y Lir (Manannan, Son of the Sea). Hailing from the US, The Bards of FoDLA create ballads inspired by the ancient Druids, particularly in traditional and original folk songs, and utilizing Celtic harp, guitar and voices. The song's title refers to a mythological Irish deity who is a guardian of the Otherworld and ferries souls to the afterlife. He is also a trickster figure. You can find Manannan Mac y Lir on The Bards of FoDLA album Sacred Oaks (2012). The song features the singing of Eva Gordon and the harp playing of Stephanie Bennett.