Saturday, May 7, 2016

Clean Up Your Trimmings: Presque Oui and "L'Ongle"

The random tune for today is by Presque Oui, a French duo founded in 1998 and consisting of Marie-Hélène Picard and Thibaud Defever. Picard died of lung cancer in 2006 and Defever has continued on by himself. Presque Oui's songs deal with love, its vagaries and the mundane daily experiences of lovers. For example this song, L'Ongle, speaks of the often insignificant things that remind us of a partner and all the complex emotions that come with those things, like a little piece of fingernail found in a pocket. You can find L'Ongle on Presque Oui's 2005 CD Sauvez Les Meubles and on the 2006 compilation CD Putumayo Presents: Paris.