Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cultural Identity: ChocQuibTown and "De Donde Vengo Yo"

ChocQuibTown brings us the random tune for today, called De Donde Vengo Yo. ChocQuibTown is a hip-hop group from Colombia, whose name comes from the department (Chocó) and city (Quibdó) where Gloria and Miguel Martinez met Carlos Valencia. The three met up again in Cali after having moved there and Valencia told them of his idea to build a hip hop group that would fuse Afro-Caribbean music with hip hop from the perspective of the people who lived in Chocó. The band has been nominated for two Grammy awards, and has been nominated seven times for Latin Grammy's and has won twice. Their most recent win was in 2015 for best tropical fusion album. De Donde Vengo Yo was the 2011 winner for best alternative song, and can be found on their 2010 album Oro.