Friday, May 20, 2016

Longing: Soneros de Verdad and "Longina"

Soneros de Verdad, the group singing our random tune today, means "Singers of Truth," and they call themselves the second generation of the Buena Vista Social Club, bridging the gap between the son cubano of 50-60 years ago with more modern sensibilities and original compositions. Fronted by Luis Frank Arias and Mayito Rivero, both international music award winners, the band also employs some other Cuban stars of the newer generation, giving a whole new sound layered on top of the old urban mixed with rural, son, jazz, and other genres. It's Cuba in one package. This song, Longina, is from the album Luis Frank Presents Soneros de Verdad: A Buena Vista Barrio de la Habana (originally released in 2000, CD release in 2010). The song is one of admiration from a man to a woman, and speaks of her eyes, her curves, her voice and her singing which inspire his song.