Saturday, April 9, 2016

Planting the Seed: Ayub Ogada and Trevor Warren with "Kodhi"

A duet by Ayub Ogada and Trevor Warren is our random tune of the day. Ayub Ogada is a Kenyan singer from the Luo tribe who plays a variety of instruments in both traditional and modern Kenyan styles. After moving to London in 1986 and busking for two years, he was asked to play at Peter Gabriel's WOMAD festival where he got his big break when his original 10 minute slot was extended to a full set after the preceding band canceled and he won over Peter Gabriel himself. He recorded his first album for Real World Records in 1993, and toured extensively with Gabriel and WOMAD. Trevor Warren is an English musician who traveled to Kenya at the invitation of Ogada and while there recorded enough material of the two of them playing and singing together to create an album. The result was 2015's Kodhi ("seed" in Luo), and this song is the title track.