Monday, April 4, 2016

Knowing in Reality: 2raumwohnung and "Ich Weiß Warum"

Today's random tune is by 2raumwohnung (the "2" is pronounced "zvay"), called Ich Weiß Warum (I Know Why). 2raumwohnung is a German electro-pop duo formed in 2000 in East Berlin by Inga Humpe and her life partner Tommi Eckart. Their band name means "two-room apartment." Though many of their songs were originally used in commercials, they had their biggest hit with the release of their album 36 Grad (36 Degrees) in 2007. Ich Weiß Warum is from one of their earlier albums, 2002's In Wirklich, and it can also be found on the Putumayo World Groove compilation (2004).