Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Dutch O' the Green: BZB and "Ik Vond Mezelf Terug"

BZB, the band which plays today's random tune, is an interesting group from the Netherlands. Founded in 1992 in the Dutch town of Volkel, they were originally a garage band that took much influence from metal, particularly the band Zymosis. However, over the years the influence of metal has decreased in favor of Irish folk. Listening to this song, Ik Vond Mezelf Terug (translates into something like "I Found My Way Back"), you hear just the slightest bit of their metal past along with their take on an Irish folk song, leaving them sound a little like an Irish punk band with a fuller rock sound. You can find Ik Vond Mezelf Terug on their 2009 CD Volgens Bartjes!