Sunday, April 24, 2016

Last Days of Disco: Biddu Orchestra and "Eastern Journey"

Today's song is by the Biddu Orchestra. Biddu is an Indian-born England based producer, composer, songwriter and singer. He is considered one of the pioneers of disco, Euro-disco and Indian pop. His international breakthrough came in 1974 when he produced Carl Douglas' international hit Kung Fu Fighting. Not long after, he started producing orchestral disco albums under the name Biddu Orchestra. He is responsible for making the careers of Tina Charles and Jimmy James, and influenced British new wave bands such as The Buggles. When disco declined in the West, he found a new market in countries in Asia and produced many hits there. In the 2000s, he has reoriented toward more spiritual and Eastern-oriented themes. This song, Eastern Journey, can be found on the compilation Putumayo Presents: Asian Lounge (2005).