Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All Rise: Kobo Town and "The Trial of Henry Marshall"

The Trial of Henry Marshall, our random tune for the day, is by the group Kobo Town. Founded by Trinidadian/Canadian Drew Gonsalves in 2004, the band's name refers to the neighborhood in Port Au Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, where calypso was conceived and first performed. Kobo Town blends calypso music with other Caribbean music, as well as genres such as ska, reggae, dub, rapso, zouk and hip hop. Gonsalves moved to Canada from Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago with his mother when he was thirteen. She was a Canadian citizen who was escaping her abusive marriage. He turned to music and poetry to deal with his situation and feelings of exile. He studied history and political science at Carleton University before taking up music as a career. The Trial of Henry Marshall can be found on Kobo Town's 2013 album Jumbie in the Jukebox.