Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pucker Up: Los Texmaniacs and "Mil Besos"

Our song for today is by San Antonio, Texas group Los Texmaniacs. Los Texmaniacs were created in 1997 by Max Baca to play traditional conjunto and tejano music but also to incorporate rock and jazz while honoring the old traditions. Baca was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and followed his grandfather and father in learning the accordion beginning at age 5. He was invited by one of his idols, the great Flaco Jiménez, to play in Jiménez' band in San Antonio where he learned to play the bajo sexto (bass) using all six sets of strings in the traditional style. In forming Los Texmaniacs, Baca wanted to keep alive the style of another groundbreaking band, The Texas Tornados. This song, Mil Besos, can be found on their 2012 CD Texas Towns and Tex-Mex Sounds. The song expresses the love of one to another through the kisses that have been bestowed, and says "if it is sinning to love you, I will continue to sin because I do not deny I will still love you, I will continue to adore you, even if I go crazy."