Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Where Mini Me Lives: Aromates and "Minimaroc (Minimorocco)"

Some classical Andalusian music today for our random tune. Minimaroc (Minimorocco) is by the Aromates, a French ensemble Aromates led by percussionist Michèle Claude. The ensemble fuses the ancient and contemporary, uses old and new instruments, and explores into gypsy and Cuban rhythms and jazz in its music. Its first album, Jardin des Myrtes (Garden of Myrtles - 2005), features traditional Arab-Andalusian songs played by the musicians on traditional instruments. The music takes you straight back to an Umayyad court in Spain - you might even be in the presence of the Caliph himself. Minimaroc (Minimorocco) can be found on Jardin des Myrtes (2005). Because it's the last track, it appears to be two songs, one a hidden track. The first tune ends at about 2:30 and the second one begins at about 3:48.