Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fun Percussion: Flamingods and "Vimana"

Today's tune is called Vimana, and is performed by Flamingods, a five piece instrumental band formed in Bahrain in 2009 and currently based both Bahrain and the United Kingdom. Using an extensive collection of instruments from various countries such as Tanzania, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal, Flamingods explore and experiment with influences from a variety of cultures. The band started as a series of jam and solo recordings in Kamal Rasool's bedroom in Bahrain, and eventually became a full-fledged band in the United Kingdom when, at the ATP Festival the initial members of the band got together to jam and eventually 60 people joined in playing everything in a small house that could make noise. From the beginning, along with experimenting with different cultures the band also played with different genres, and were inspired by experimental, pop, rock and psychedelic acts the band members had seen. Vimana can be found on the Flamingods 2014 album Hyperborea.