Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wishing for Her Man: Reeltime and "Siúil a Rún"

Today's random song is by Reeltime, an Irish quartet that brings percussive jazz guitar to traditional Irish music, with occasional touches of Texas swing and ragtime. Their 1995 debut garnered critical acclaim and Irish American News' praise as Best New Band and Best Female Vocalist for singer Mairin Fahy (who is also an All-Ireland award fiddle player. She played with the touring production of Riverdance, and joined The Chieftains on their 2007 tour, as well as creating her own show called Tara. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and photographer Chris Kelly has also been part of many different compilations and has worked with many different groups. This song, Siúil a Rún, can be found on the 2005 compilation Celtic Wonder, and on Reeltime's self titled debut CD (1995).