Saturday, January 28, 2017

Greek Yoga is Thicker: Simrit Kaur and "Sat Narayan"

Simrit Kaur, who sings our random tune for today, is a Grecian-born artist adopted into a Greek family in the South Carolina. She later learned that her biological mother is a well-known singer in Greece, and that her great-grandmother is the Greek singer Tula Demetriou. As a child, her adopted family encouraged her with music lessons and she sang in her Greek Orthodox church choir. She is also trained in percussion and piano. With a haunting voice, she has topped world music charts many times and is the CEO of her own recording label. She is also a student, practitioner and teacher of both Kundalini and Naad yoga. Among her fans, she counts Belinda Carlisle of the 80s band The Go Gos. This song, Sat Narayan, can be found on her 2016 album Songs of Resilience.