Monday, January 16, 2017

Burger Highlife and Shake: George Darko and "Hi Life Time"

Our random tune for today is by a Ghanaian artist named George Darko. Darko, from Ghanaian royalty, helped popularize the form of highlife music called Burger-highlife, which was created by Ghanaian immigrants to Germany and is considered a native German music. Burger-highlife is a crossover music created by Ghanaian and German musicians that features elements of highlife, disco and funk music, and it developed an entire subculture. Darko and his Ghanaian band, Golden Stool, moved to Germany in the 1970s - Darko went solo after arrival in Germany and then formed the Bus Stop Band in 1982. In 1988 he returned to Ghana and was made a tufuhene (paramount chief). This song, Hi Life Time, can be found on The Rough Guide to Highlife (2003) and other collections.