Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Long Cultural Journey: Bruce Daigrepont and "Acadie À La Louisiane"

Cajun mainstay Bruce Daigrepont brings us the random tune for today, called Acadie À La Louisiane. Daigrepont, born in New Orleans, started learning guitar at age five and banjo at age ten, and at 20 began to devote himself to learning French accordion. He formed his own Cajun band in 1980 and began appearing at the regular fais-do-do dances at New Orleans' Maple Leaf Bar on Thursdays. In 1986 he moved the fais-do-do to the world famous Tipitinas on Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas Streets - and he continues to play it every Sunday from 5 - 9 pm. He and his band play homemade instruments and sing all of their songs in Cajun French, and they have built up a very loyal fan base. You can find Acadie À La Louisiane on his 1989 album Coeur des Cajuns, though we actually found it on a sample album by Putumayo called Louisiana Music Sampler.