Monday, March 7, 2016

Tallying Up: Ron Wiseman and "Measure for Measure"

Our featured random song today is by Ron Wiseman. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada and exposed in his childhood to such types of music as rock, r&b and blues, he began playing blues piano as a child. He worked with some bands as a young adult, and diversified his playing to rockabilly, country and r&b. he was living in Toronto when he took a vacation to Israel. While traveling in the hills of Judea, he had a mystical experience which led him to create music that he called Spiritual (or Conscious) Reggae based on the words of the Torah and other Jewish religious texts. He came back to Canada, began putting songs together and playing them in his club gigs. The result was a mixture of reggae, ska, rock and blues and which earned him the unofficial title of "the king of Jewish reggae." His website says that he interprets sacred texts through the eyes of a musician who has experienced love and suffered loss. He has shared the stage with Kinky Friedman, recorded in Jamaica with Sugar Minott and has built a following of fans from many backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. He is currently a resident of Tel Aviv, Israel. This song, Measure for Measure, is off his 2005 release Mystical Mood.