Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Truth Self Evident: Maher Zain and "Freedom (Acoustic Version)"

Today's random tune is by Maher Zain, a 34 year old Swedish-Muslim R&B singer of Lebanese origin whose Wikipedia page claims that he has more Facebook fans than any other Muslim musician. His family emigrated to Sweden when he was eight and studied aeronautical engineering in college. He started his music career when he teamed up with Moroccan-Swedish producer RedOne and followed him to New York where he produced US artists such as Kat DeLuna. He eventually returned home to Sweden and re-engaged with his Islamic faith, which led him to move out of producing and into a career as a singer/songwriter of R&B songs with a strong Muslim/religious theme. He sings mainly in English, but has also released some of his most popular songs in other languages. He maintains a strong following in Malaysia and Indonesia. This song, Freedom (Acoustic Version), is a single that he released in 2011.