Monday, March 21, 2016

A Hard Song: Vusi Mahlasela and "Song for Thandi"

Today's random tune is by Vusi Mahlasela. Sometimes called "The Voice of South Africa" for his work in African folk music, Vusi Mahlasela served as an inspiration for the anti-apartheid movement with songs that focused on freedom, forgiveness and reconciliation. He has collaborated with musicians such as Dave Matthews, Josh Groban and Taj Mahal, has performed at many famous live concert events such as Live 8 and Live Earth, and sang for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday celebration in London. ITV used one of his songs as their theme song for their World Cup coverage in South Africa, and he also performed at the South Africa World Cup kickoff concert. This song, Song for Thandi, is from his 2007 CD Guiding Star - that album garnered him Best Male Artist in the South Africa Music Awards. The song is a hard one about a pregnant woman who is arrested for associations to political groups, and told to kill herself in jail, and as she puts the gun to her head, she feels the baby kicking and decides to live.