Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Never Learned to Fly One: Nitin Sawhney and "Kite"

Today's song is called Kite. It is performed by Nitin Sawhney and features Soumik Datta and Nicki Wells. Nitin Sawhney is a British Indian musician, producer and composer. Combining Asian and other themes with jazz and electronica, he explores themes of multiculturalism, politics and spirituality. As a child, Sawhney studied piano, classical and flamenco guitar and tabla. After meeting up with acid-jazz keyboardist James Taylor and joining his quartet, he also began working with tabla player Talvin Singh and formed the Tihai Trio. After dropping out of school, Sawhney formed the comedy group The Secret Asians with friend Sanjeev Bhaskar and developed the award winning BBC comedy show Goodness Gracious Me. After the show ended he refocused on music and released his debut album in 1993. He has released nine albums, has contributed scores for stage, screen, television and video games, and has remixed a wide variety of artists including Sting, Jeff Beck and Paul McCartney. He also has his own world music show on BBC Radio called Nitin Sawhney Spins the Globe. Soumik Datta, a sarod player, is being called one of the biggest new talents in Britain. Nicki Wells is a singer/songwriter and composer who is featured vocalist in Sawhney's band. Kite can be found on Sawhney's 2011 album Last Days of Meaning.