Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Between the Spreadsheets: Deolinda and "Fado Notário"

Today's song brings us to Portugal with the song "Fado Notário." Deolinda formed in 2006 when the brothers Pedro da Silva Martins and Luis José Martins asked their cousin Ana Bacalhau to sing on a few songs they had written. Realizing that her voice fit perfectly with their songs, they began Deolinda and rounded out the band with her husband José Pedro Leitã. The band is best known for performing a song called Parva que Sous at their early concerts which was a social criticism of Portugal and the lack of opportunities for young people. The song became an anthem among economically affected youth in Portugal and went viral on social media, with bootleg copies of concert performances shared in great numbers. The band's style is inspired by the genre of fado, but they have made numerous departures from the form. While traditional fado utilizes Portuguese guitar, the band does not. Deolinda's songs are often contain social criticism, and can be lively, upbeat, ironic and humorous which does not fit the usual melancholy style of fado. Fado performers often dress in black when performing, but Deolinda does not follow this tradition either. Their music has thus been described as "neofado." "Fado Notário" is from their 2010 release Dois Selos e um Carimbo, and is reflective and sad song about a woman's affair with a notary "between files and cabinets."