Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hear the Global Music Show on the KUNM Two Week Archive!

Hi folks...we had a really good Global Music show last night. Loaded up on France in the beginning but widened out from there. If you want to catch it or relisten, please go to the KUNM two week archive at http://www.kunm.org/two-week-archive, punch in October 12 at 10 pm and let her go, Here's the playlist, in case you see something you like:

Ar Mi Puesc Leu Lauzar d'More - Manu Theron Gregory Dargent and Youssef Hbeisch (France) - Sirventes: Chants Fougeaux des Pays d'Oc

Farai un Vers de Dreit Nien - Manu Theron Gregory Dargent and Youssef Hbeisch (France) - Sirventes: Chants Fougeaux des Pays d'Oc

Sant Trofima - Lo Cor de la Plana (France) - Marcha!

Quand tu n'as que des bons amis - Moussu T E Lei Jovents (France) - Forever Polida

Lo Libre Salabrum - Moussu T E Lei Lovents (France) - Forever Polida

Serague - Mohamed Abozekry & Heejaz (Egypt/France) - Ring Road

Kif - Beltuner (France) - Beltuner Album #2

Waltz in Paris - Ludovic Beier Quartet (France) - The Rough Guide to Paris Cafe

Slalom a la Croix Fry - Novelty Fox (France) - The Rough Guide to Paris Cafe

Jamais Quand Il Faut - Ibrahim Maalouf, Oxmo Puccino & Matrise de Radio France (France/Mali) - Au Pays d'Alice

Tante Miranda - J. Augus Pah (Timor) - Music of Timor

Jak To Dawni Dobrze Belo - R.U.T.A. (Poland) - Gore

Tangara - Hareton Salvanini (Brazil) - Hareton & Meta EP

Mango Season - Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz (Hungary) - Illegal Move

Niran - Bixiga 70 (Brazil) - III

Rock Wit' Ya - Chris Ardoin (US) - Zydeko Fever

Get Yo' Money Up - Lil' Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers (US) - Face 2 Face - Nate the Great

Los Peces Gordos No Pueden Volar - Ana Tijoux (Chile/France) - Vengo

Cosb Mor Dlos (Khoobsorat Koi Sazaa) - Ghazalaw (India/Wales) - Ghazalaw

Kupalnocka - Sutari (Poland) - Wiano

Uts Pruut - Maarja Noot (Estonia) - Soolo

Took My Brother Down - Vieux Farka Toure & Julia Easterlin (Mali/US) - Touristes

Lullaby - The Lyre Ensemble (UK) - The Flood (feat. Stef Connor)

Schmolltime - Pascal Gentner (Germany) - Zuhause

Stairway to Heaven - Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico) - Rodrigo y Gabriela

Perfidia - Trio Melodicos (Cuba) - Putumayo Presents Vintage Latino

Primavera - Karen Ruimy (feat. Youth) (France/UK) - ZIK'R East

Fortune Teller - Marketa Irglova (Czech Rep.) - Muna

Dance Cycle - Imane Homsy (Lebanon) - Seigneur Kanoun

Samba Tomora - Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal (Mali/France) - Musique de Nuit

Zum Gali Gali - The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir (US) - Kochi

Kalbu Gnalagu - Ana Alcaide (Spain) - Gotrasawala Ensemble: Tales of Pangaea

Halitus - Mercan Dede (Turkey) - Breath