Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Texas Pirates: The Corsairs and "Santy Anno"

Santy Anno by The Corsairs on Grooveshark

Aaargh! The Corsairs sail in, once again, and put a shot over our bow! I remember seeing The Corsairs at some festival in San Antonio years ago and purchased their album. This is not the 60s doo wop group, but an American a cappella group that sings sea shanties and pirate songs. I can't find too much on them except that they've released a number of albums, each named after a color - for example, The Red One, The Black One, etc. Apparently a few lovers of all things pirate and the sea think that of all the groups doing pirate songs and sea shanties, The Corsairs are the best. This song, Santy Anno, is from the group's 1998 debut album, The Red One. It's a sea shanty referring to, of all things, General Antonio López de Santa Anna of Mexico - yes, the same one who stormed the Alamo.