Sunday, March 22, 2015

A New Song: Daniel Viglietti and "A Desalambrar"

Uruguay is the source of today's random tune by Daniel Viglietti. A folk singer, guitarist, composer and political activist, he is a main exponent of Uruguayan popular song and the Nueva Canción of the 1960s and 70s. He co-founded the culturally important record label Ayuí/Tacuabé, and he engages in research to preserve, promote and support Uruguayan music. In 1972 he was imprisoned by the Uruguayan government because of his activism, which was leftist and focused attention on the social situation in Uruguay. His imprisonment brought him international support, including support from Jean-Paul Sartre. Rumors of his mistreatment were so rife that the Uruguayan government brought him out to prove that his hands were not hurt, and Viglietti complained that his treatment was much better than other Uruguayan political prisoners. He lived in exile in Argentina and France, returning to Uruguay in 1984. His own music mixes elements of classical music with Uruguayan folk music and other Latin American styles. This song, A Desalambrar (To Tear Down Fences), can be found on Viglietti's 1968 album Canciones Para El Hombre Nuevo and on the 2004 compilation album Uruguay: A Desalambrar.