Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Severe Asphalt Rash: Dervish and "Drag Her Round the Road"

Drag Her Round the Road by Dervish on Grooveshark

Our random song for today is from Dervish. Dervish is a traditional Irish band from County Sligo described by the BBC as an "icon" of Irish music. Formed in 1989, they represented Ireland in 2007 in the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. They have also been known to stand for their principles. In 2012 they canceled tour dates in Israel and announced a cultural boycott of the country, which in turn led to a negative backlash at home. Drag Her Round the Road is from their 1997 album Live in Palma, and is a set of reels consisting of The College Groves, Launching the Boat, Milliners Daughter, and the title reel, Drag Her Round the Road.