Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Silver Slipper: Fantcha and "Cinderela"

Today's random song is by Cape Verdean songstress Fantcha. Fantcha was born in the Cape Verdean city of Mindelo and took to music at an early age - learning to sing while accompanied by her brothers' guitar and cavaquinho. At 10, she caught the attention of Gregorio Gonçalves, also known as Ti Goy, one of Cape Verde's most famous composers. He not only took her under his wing and taught her musically, but he also introduced her to the legendary Cesaria Evora, who also taught Fantcha much about music. After a brief recording stint in Portugal, Fantcha moved to New York City. Her evolving music style includes Portuguese, African and Cuban inflections, and she sings mornas with a rich, sensuous voice befitting their mournful topics. However, she can also get people to dance, especially when she gets going on her coladeras. Cinderela can be found on her 1997 album Criolinha and on the Putumayo compilation CD Cape Verde.