Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You Better Listen: Kasai Allstars and "Thus Spoke the Ancestors"

Today's random tune is by the Kasai Allstars and is called Thus Spoke the Ancestors. A 25 piece orchestral group based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the members come from five different bands and represent five different ethnic groups. It was long thought that collaboration of members of these disparate ethnic groups, given some longstanding tribal conflicts, was impossible. But these musicians decided to form a "superband" at the encouragement of Belgian producer Vincent Kenis in order to pool their resources. They play a style of music known as Congotronics, which consists of traditional instrumentation and electric sounds, and often has a particular buzzing sound as part of the music. You can find Thus Spoke the Ancestors on their second album, Beware the Fetish (Congotronics 5), released in 2014.

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