Monday, July 3, 2017

Don't Tease Your Mother: The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band and "Sao Sakit Mae"

From Thailand, the Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band lays down the random tune for today. The band was formed as a project to capture the sounds of Thai music that were in danger of being lost. In particular, they begin with a base of Thai molam music, a traditional country-folk music from the hinterlands of Thailand and Laos. The arrival of American GIs during the Vietnam war helped create a new style of molam infused with rock, blues, soul, funk and psychedelia. Until recently, it was marginalized as "taxi-driver music" but has undergone a surge of popularity in the West in recent years, which in turn has made it more popular among mainstream Thais. The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band has released two albums. This song, Sao Sakit Mae, can be found on their 2014 debut 21st Century Molam.

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