Sunday, April 16, 2017

Piping Hot: Söndörgö and "Hulisination"

Today's random tune is from Hungary and is performed by the group Söndörgö. Concentrating on South Slav music to preserve the musical traditions of Serbs and Croats along Hungary's southern border, they perform as a traditional tambura band supplemented with accordion, flute and percussion and have been making waves in the global music scene with their renditions of music that inspired classical composers such as Bartok. Founded in 1995, they are different from usual Slavic oriented bands in that they don't use brass. They have played many major festivals (including Albuquerque's own Globalquerque) and have released five albums to date. This song, Hulusination, is from their 2014 album Tamburocket: Hungarian Fireworks, and refers to a Chinese pipe used in the song.