Friday, April 7, 2017

Walk Like an Egyptian: Nickodemus and "Cleopatra in New York City (Zim Zam Mix)

Cleopatra in New York City (Zim Zam Mix) by New York City-based DJ Nickodemus is on tap today, which has a nice beat with an Arabic feel. Born and raised between Queens and Long Island, Nickodemus credits his parents and a music-filled household with inspiring his lifelong love of music. He discovered hip hop on the radio and began to experiment with mixing music while also becoming an accomplished breakdancer. His music education continued as he frequented clubs and block parties. He eventually did a residency for the Giant Step Company where he developed his own style and which allowed him experience as support for luminaries like Gil Scot Herron. In 1998, however, Nickodemus and his friend Mariano really made their names by setting up the Turntables on the Hudson parties at the Chelsea Piers. You can find Cleopatra in New York City (Zim Zam Mix) on Nickodemus' 2006 album Endangered Species.