Sunday, March 26, 2017

Vigo is a City: The Chieftains with Carlos Núñez and "Dublin in Vigo"

Today's tune, Dublin in Vigo, is by The Chieftains with Carlos Núñez. The Chieftains are an Irish ensemble formed in Dublin in 1962 who developed their music primarily around the distinctive sound of the uileann pipes. They took their name from the title of a novel by Irish author John Montague. Besides releasing several critically acclaimed albums, they are just as well known for their collaborations with, including Sinead O'Connor, such artists as Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Roger Daltry. They have released 44 albums. Carlos Núñez Muñoz is a Spanish/Galician musician who usually goes by the name Carlos Núñez. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays the gaita, the Galician bagpipe, Galician flute, ocarina, Irish flute, whistle and low whistle. He was born in Vigo, Spain and began to play bagpipes at eight. He met Paddy Maloney of The Chieftains in his late teens and performed with the band, becoming known as the band's 7th member. Dublin in Vigo is off of the Chieftains 1996 album Santiago which focuses on Galician music.