Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Just a Bit of Her: Jehan Barbur and "Biraz Sininle Biraz Kendimle"

Our random song today is by Turkish singer Jehan Barbur. Born in Beirut, Lebanon and having Christian, Arabic and Turkish descent, Jehan Barbur was raised in Iskenderun, Turkey. She wanted to study music, but her father's opposition led her to study American Culture and Literature at Bilkent University. At the university, she was also able to feed her interests in theater and music. She moved to Istanbul in 2002 to start her music career as a jazz vocalist - some encouraging words by Turkish composer and singer Bulent Ortaçgil led her to begin making her first album. She has since released five solo albums - the latest in 2016. This song, Biraz Sininle Biraz Kendimle, can be found on her 2009 album Uyan.