Monday, March 6, 2017

Subcontinental Brass: The Bollywood Brass Band and "Deva Deva Kalayami (Molly's Bar Extended Alaap Mix)"

Today's tune, Deva Deva Kalayami (Molly's Bar Extended Alaap Mix), is by London-based Bollywood Brass Band. Formed in 1992 to play with the Shyam Brass Band at a London festival of street music, they have continued to perform and record focusing on traditional Indian music and Bollywood music. Their musical styles include Bhangra, Hindi film music, Punjabi folk, wedding songs and qawwali spiced with slight jazz influences, traces of other world music, and a pinch of modern dance music. They boast more than 10 musicians and often augment their numbers with dhol drums from the Dhol Foundation. They also have a parallel performing group called SamBhangra! which plays Brazilian and Indian music and also features both Indian and Brazilian dancers. You can find Deva Deva Kalayami (Molly's Bar Extended Alaap Mix) on their 2016 album Carnatic Connection.