Friday, July 8, 2016

Pretty Far from the City by the Bay: NRG Rising and "Journey"

How random is some Maori reggae from New Zealand? NRG Rising is a female-led reggae band based in Hamilton, New Zealand. It was founded by Benita Tahuri and her two daughters, Anahera-Pono and Honey, and her partner Bevin Hira. They describe themselves as "...the world’s first mother and daughters trio to front fresh, fun and conscious world music with a reggae feel and flavours of R&B." We happened upon them in Albuquerque at the Sandia Tram, where they made an impression because of their indigenous tattoos. Indigenous Maori from New Zealand are exploring connections with Native American tribes and so they were touring New Mexico to build those connections. This song, Journey, can be found on their 2011 CD From Darkness Into Light.