Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Smiling Through the Funk: Garotas Suecas and "Eu Vou Sorrir pra Quem É Gente Boa"

Garotas Suecas, a band from São Paulo, Brazil and whose name means Swedish Girls in Portuguese, brings us the random tune for today called Eu Vou Sorrir pra Quem É Gente Boa (something on the order of I Smile for Good People). The band incorporates many styles of sound, including funk, rock and soul. They have released two studio albums and four EPs, and are known for the high production quality of their music videos, which have won awards in Brazil. They also did a multi-country tour of Europe and the US in 2012. You can find Eu Vou Sorrir pra Quem É Gente Boa, a slow funk song with Beatlesque undertones, on their 2014 album Feras Míticas.