Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's All Greek to Me: Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico with "Sumiglia" and "Radile"

You get a little more bang for your random tune buck today. The randomizer picked the song Radile by Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico, but the only video I could find was concert footage that included their song Sumiglia also. Savina Yannatou is a renowned Greek singer who has teamed up with Greek jazz and traditional musicians Primavera en Salonico to explore at first Sephardic and Mediterreanean music but has since expanded to include music from around the world. Starting out with classical guitar lessons, Yannatou began studying singing and later completed postgraduate studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Her repertoire is mainly Greek music, though she has also made forays into free jazz and avant-garde. She also is a songwriter and composer for theater, dance and video. Sumiglia can be found on the 2005 album Sumiglia by Savina Yannatou and Primavera en Salonico. Radile can be found on their 2008 album Songs of an Other.