Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Waiting for the Rain: Jonaé and "Summer Storm"

It's summer, and in New Mexico where we reside that means we wait for the summer rains. Summer Storm is by Jonaé, a band from Nashville, begun in 2005, and made up of Californian guitarist/composer Jody Alan Sweet, West Virginia fiddler Renaé Truex, and Swedish percussionist Tom Moller. Jonaé combines diverse instrumentation such as violin, cello, viola, acoustic guitar and a variety of percussion instruments such as cajones, djembes, and mondo drums with electrifying rhythms and haunting melodies. Summer Storm can be found on Jonae's 2005 album Into the Blue.

BTW: If this seems like déjà vu, it is. This is the first "repeat song" in over one year of this daily post. Our rules are that we won't repeat a song from June 15 to June 14 of following year, but after that, if the random gods want to repeat a song the next year, we'll repeat it. You'll see another repeat this week as well. It's not so bad - commercial radio repeats songs multiple times a day!