Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rockin' West Africa: Juldeh Camara and Justin Adams with "Banjul Girl"

What do you get when you mix a British guitarist, an African griot and a smattering of surf and rock music? You get Banjul Girl by Juldeh Camara and Justin Adams! Camara is a Gambian griot and internationally acclaimed blues musician known for his instrumental virtuosity and international collaborations. He plays the African one-string fiddle, known as a riti or a Nyanyero. He learned to play the instrument from his blind father, who according to legend lost his sight as payment to a Djinn (genie) who taught him to play - and many say you can hear the sound of the Djinn in Juldeh's music. Justin Adams is an English guitarist who works in blues and African styles. He started his career in the band The Impossible Dreamers and then worked for a time with Jah Wobble in his group Invaders of the Heart. He co-wrote Robert Plant's 2005 album Mighty Rearranger. He has collaborated on four albums with Juldeh Camara. Banjul Girl can be found on their 2009 album Tell No Lies.