Sunday, June 28, 2015

Playing Some 'Tar: Ali Ghamsari and "Ghesehi Kamel"

Today's song, called Ghesehi Kamel, is by Iranian artist Ali Ghamsari. Ghamsari is a multi-instrumentalist who is a master of the Tar, a Persian long necked instrument that may have given its root name to instruments such as the guiTAR and siTAR, also instruments at Ghamsari plays. He graduated from the Tehran Music Conservatory and the University of Iran and has established three musical ensembles. He has released 10 albums to date, and travels the world performing and teaching modern Persian composition. He is the founder of the Institute for Persian Music in Tehran and a professor of Composition and Persian Music Theory at the University of Tehran. Ghesehi Kamel can be found on his 2013 CD Barfkhani.