Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bowing Like a Champ: Vincent Griffin and "The New Year's In / Youghal Quay"

The New Year's in! At last that's what this random song for today is about. The New Year's In / Youghal Quay is by Vincent Griffin, a traditional Irish fiddler from County Clare in Ireland who won the prestigious All-Ireland fiddle championship in 1974. He made his first solo album in 1977 after a chance meeting with the Scottish/Irish/Celtic band The Boys of the Lough. I can't find much more information about him, other than raves on the internet about his fiddle playing. Today's song, which I believe either refers to a quay in a town called Youghal along the Blackwater River in County Clare (which might make sense given that Vincent Griffin is from County Clare) or to a quay in the community of Youghal a resort town in County Cork in southern Ireland, can be found on the compilation album Harps, Pipes and Fiddles (2008).