Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ambience: Rapoon and "Waddi Jah"

Today's random tune is from a CD entitled I Am Powerful: Music to Empower Women. It was gotten at a spa near where we live that sells products created by women in poor countries that are made of recycled materials. A portion of the proceeds of the CD went organizations to empower women and families to help them achieve self-sufficiency. The tune is called Waddi Jah, and it is by Rapoon, which is a project of British musician Robin Storey who used to be a member of the British ambient group Zoviet France. The music by Rapoon largely falls into the ambient category, and as such Waddi Jah resembles more a soundscape than a musical number. You can find Waddi Jah on Rapoon's 1999 album What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question).