Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stop This Killing: Baracutanga and "Deja de Matar"

New Mexico's Baracutanga and their song Deja de Matar (Stop This Killing) graces our random tune for today. Made up of musicians from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the United States, they are past winners of the New Mexico Music Awards Albuquerque Song Competition. They play infectious music of South America incorporating rhythms of Brazil, Peru, Colombia and more, and their name is an African voicing that means "people dancing," and hearkens back to the percussive instruments brought by Africans to South America. Through their music, they hope to overcome barriers of discrimination by building bridges between the north and south. You can find "Deja de Matar" on their 2015 debut album Importados. This award winning song is a plea to stop violence written in the aftermath of the James Boyd killing by the Albuquerque police, and includes a rap by Albuquerque poet Hakim Bellamy.