Thursday, December 15, 2016

Some Day: Franck Biyong and "We Shall Overcome (Yoruba Soul Remix)"

The random song for today is by Cameroonian musician, bandleader and record producer Franck Biyong. A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, percussion, keyboard) who made his name first in Afrojazz, he is also an innovator - creating a new genre that fuses rock, electronica and African beats that is known as Alternative Afro-Electro Rock or Afrolectric. He was born in France, but grew up in Gabon, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. His interest in guitar stems from his fondness for American jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. At age 14, he moved to England where he played with various rock bands. The death of Fela Kuti in 1997 spurred his return to France at age 24, where he sought to honor Kuti's death by forming a 15 piece band called Massak, but which also began to create Afrolectric. This song, We Shall Overcome (Yoruba Soul Remix) can be found on his We Shall Overcome (Yoruba Soul Remix) - EP (2009)