Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sounds Like a Dance: TerraTara and "Kootenay Kombu"

Today's random tune, Kootenay Kombu by TerraTara, is from a Canadian musician who formed the all-female group Mahzu and who also writes and performs her own material. She is backed by a Jamaican drummer while she performs on guitar and mandolin. Her music contains elements of folk, gypsy, blues and world music. In case you are wondering about the song title, Kootenay is a region of southeastern British Columbia. It is also the name of a Native American/First Nations tribe in British Columbia, Idaho and Montana. Kootenay Kombu can be found on TerraTara's 2010 album Mahzu, though we got it off the Oasis World Radio Sampler Vol 10, No. 4.