Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Shoes: Kate Rusby and "The Cobbler's Daughter"

Today's song, The Cobbler's Daughter, is by English singer-songwriter Kate Rusby. Described as a "superstar" of English acoustic musicians, and often called "the Nightingale of Barnsley" (after her home town), Kate Rusby was born into a musical family and learned to play guitar, fiddle and piano. She became the lead vocalist of the all-female Celtic band The Poozies before she broke through in her own right in 1995 on a collaborative album with fellow Barnsley native folk-songer Kathryn Roberts. She recorded her first solo album, Hourglass, in 1997. She was married in 2001 to Scottish musician and former Battlefield Band member John McCusker. She has since divorced and married Northern Irish musician Damien O'Kane, with whom she has two daughters and a dog named Doris who is often a part of Rusby's stage banter. The Cobbler's Daughter can be found on Rusby's 1999 album Sleepless.